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Cambridge Naturals

The secret is out: beauty really does come from within. What we choose to eat everyday affects our health internally, and will be displayed externally (#nofilter). Hydration levels, the liver’s ability to cleanse accumulated toxins, and especially increased levels of inflammation due to diet and lifestyle all affect skin conditions. And it’s safe to say that most of us are looking for youthful radiance and resilience when we talk about our skin needs.

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Wellness In a Nutshell

Upon walking into Noel Herbal Skincare, I was immediately welcomed by both the space that Shannon Noel has created plus by Shannon herself! She had freshly made tea waiting which consisted of mint, lavender, and rosemary and we sat amongst the sustainable furniture and powdered herbs (lemon peel, grapefruit, aloe, elderberry — to name a few) that Shannon uses with her clients.

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The Wellness Essentials

Okay so this one may be local to Boston but if you want the most relaxing and high quality facial you have ever had then my friend Shannon at Noel Herbals is your girl.

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‘Scout somerville’ best skin care award