Noel Herbals Facial

A treatment using custom blended skincare by Shannon. You will receive a gentle cleansing with a herbal tea rinse loosening up makeup, dirt & debris. A custom exfoliation which will dissolve dead skin cells, while brightening the skin leaving it soft, glowing & hydrated. A gentle steam mist with hand chosen herbs to help open up the airways calming the mind and spirit. A thorough cleansing of the pores (extraction) removing blackheads, closed comedones, & milia. A relaxing massage that includes a plant infused oil with flower essences that will help release tension, balance energy, create shifts in the body to help heal, improve muscle tone, & promote lymphatic drainage. A mask with hand chosen ingredients to encourage the skin to heal & calm itself while adding antioxidants, & anti-inflammatory properties. The magical experience concludes with a seasonal hydrosol mist & layers of hydrating oils.

75 mins – $110
90 mins – $125

elevate the facial experience with a special add on

Manuka - $25

Manuka is pollinated from bees in New Zealand during the spring and summer seasons. It carries higher amounts of live enzymes and antibacterial properties than other honey’s. It is very humectant drawing essential moisture into your skin leaving you with a dewy glow.

CBD - $30

CBD is anti-inflammatory and anti-aging for the skin. Great for diffusing irritated conditions like acne, dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. It is really beneficial for loosening up tight sore muscles (i.e jaw/neck pain).

Gua Sha $45

A healing technique of traditional East Asian medicine that assists in lymphatic drainage, circulation, fascia release, lifting and toning the skin. Clients notice an immediate difference in their skin and stress levels.

Marie Veronique / Kristina Holey Facial

A treatment using products by the MV/KH skincare line. A thorough cleanse that supports barrier function & microbiome integrity. A probiotic lemon enzyme that removes dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth, hydrated, & supple. A gentle steam mist to promote detoxification. A thorough cleansing of the pores (extraction) removing blackheads, closed comedones, & milia. A lymphatic drainage massage encouraging stagnant or blocked nodes to flow freely, removing toxins providing healthy nourishment to skin cells. A mineral mud mask that clears congestion & calms inflammation. Concluding with a series of different serums and a barrier lipid face oil with ceramides & cholesterol to moisturize, plump, & hydrate the skin.

50 mins (no steam or extraction) – $100
90 mins – $150

Gua sha

A treatment that soothes the soul and resets your skin. After cleansing and exfoliating with hand chosen plant based ingredients, we then begin to open up the airways through the neck and shoulders. Facial massage modalities are customized to your specific concerns using a custom made herbal oil made by Shannon that assists in lymphatic drainage.. Pore congestion is often times the result of stagnation in the tissues. Gua sha helps to release that stagnation while lifting and toning the muscles. Pressure points are carefully chosen for each individual helping to melt away embedded stress and worry. A mask is then chosen to hydrate and calm the skin. The treatment ends with a fresh batch of hydrsols and oils to prep your skin for the outside world.

90 mins - $175

Flower Meditation Facial

An incredibly special & unique facial treatment that guides you through a healing, self awakening journey to your hearts truth. This guided flower meditation made by Ash from Wadulisi Woman contains 9 flowers to meditate upon. Flowers carry vibrational healing qualities and each flower has it’s own medicine to assist you in your own unique healing process. This treatment helps you connect to your inner most self so you can radiate from the inside out. A flower essence is chosen to help connect you that much deeper into your healing journey. A rose & lavender tea is made to cleanse and prepare your skin to receive the custom made flower masks to follow. As you are floating away on a cloud of pure bliss a custom flower hydrosol is misted over you as a veil of protection. Concluding with an infused calendula, chamomile, sunflower face oil to grace your skin with the balance and love it needs to be sent on it’s way into the busy outside world.

75 mins $175

*Not accepting new clients for facial treatments at this time.  New clients may book waxing treatments & consultations.  Thank you for your patience*


A 30 minute consultation that will begin by talking about your life style habits & current skin care regime. You will learn about healthy safe ingredients to use and which ones to avoid. A detailed outline of external & internal suggestions for your skin going forward.

In studio 30 mins – $50

Virtual - $50


Lip $10
Chin $15
Brows Clean Up $18 / Brow Shaping $25
Underarm $20
Half leg $40 / Full leg $80
Bikini $25+
Brazilian $65+

Cancellation policy

We ask that you please provide at least 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel a treatment. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the beginning of your appointment will be subject to 50% of your treatment fee. No shows or cancellations made after the time of your scheduled appointment will be subject to 100% of your treatment fee.

lifesyle questions

Questions will be asked about your lifestyle which will determine the process of the treatment, massage techniques, and combination of herbal oils used. These techniques help to improve the condition of the skin, encourage natural oils to flow freely, release tensions within connective tissue, and naturally tone muscles. This will also help to personalize an at home plan.

Payment–credit, cash or check preferred.