“What we put into our bodies, how many hours we sleep, hormones, internal & external aggressors all contribute to our overall skin health.”

Shannon has been a practicing skincare therapist for 15 years and herbalist for 4 years. Her love for holistic health and skin care have brought her to the idea of helping people from the inside out. Her philosophy believes that spending time listening to clients, & developing a personal connection will lead to effective results for a happy & balanced skin.

Her knowledge of skin, essential oils, and plants help to soothe and nourish a persons well-being. With a combination of listening, intuition and thoughtful suggestions she is able to build a trusting relationship guiding clients down a healthy path.

There is no quick fix that is going to make all of your concerns go away instantly. It’s about spending the time getting to know someone and working together to create an attainable goal. The idea is not to push you out of your comfort zone, but rather formulate a plan together that makes sense for you.

What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put into your body. Skin health starts from within. Nurturing ourselves with proper nutrition and emotional stability helps your skin for the long term. Eating healthy foods and using natural products to cleanse & hydrate your skin, should make you feel good. I want to help you create your best self. If you are happy & healthy it shows through your skin.

”Self care is not just about the outside products that we interact with, but how we can feed and nourish our souls”.